Poster Prints and Peel & Sticks

Our Poster Prints and Peel & Stick wall decals are great for nearly any type of photo you want to print, be it landscapes, wildlife, portraits, black and white, or anything in between. Colours remain true and are printed on a smooth surface.

Details are crisp and vivid with our Satin Matte and Glossy Poster Prints so any imperfections in a photo will be magnified. If you’re looking for a product that softens image imperfections, our Fine Art Prints and Peel & Sticks are a better choice. Take a look at the chart below for more information.

Suitable Type of Photos Poster Matte Poster Glossy Fine Art Peel & Stick
Portraiture X X X X
Landscapes X X X X
Architecture X X X X
Wildlife  X X X X
Saturated Photos X X X X
Washed out Photos X      
Black and White X X X X
Macro Photos X X X X
Photos where people are small X X X  
Colours remain true X X X X
Colours shift with unique surface        
Glossy finish   X    
Satin finish X      
Matte finish     X X
Uniform Surface X X X X
Natural surface, may have imperfections        
Creates artistic look        
Softens Imperfections     X X
Magnifies Imperfections X X    

>>Poster Prints and Peel & Stick Chart<<

Canvas Prints

Posterjack Canvas Prints are a fan favourite and not just because they’re a premium quality product. With the exception of photos where people are very small, any type of photo you have will look fantastic printed on canvas. Your photo will be printed on a textured, authentic canvas weave and colours will remain true. A Posterjack Canvas Print has a satin-matte finish and image imperfections will be softened.

>>Canvas Prints Chart<<

Metal Prints

Metal Prints present a unique opportunity to make incredible art with your images. We suggest using high contrast images; landscapes, architecture, and graphic designs all look great printed directly on metal. We generally suggest avoiding portraitures, unless you are okay with some unusual results, such as white teeth being shown as metal or skin tones that are impacted by the raw aluminum that shows through. Metal Prints have a textured brushed surface that adds to the dynamic look. Use the chart below for a detailed overview.

>>Metal Prints Chart<<

Acrylic Prints

Display your favourite photos in high definition with Acrylic Prints. Whether you want to highlight every tiny detail within a macro photo or showcase the vibrant colours in a landscape shot, an Acrylic Print will do the job brilliantly. High contrast photos look spectacular printed on acrylic and the colours of your image will remain true. Acrylic Prints have a smooth, crystal-clear surface which will really contribute to the overall wow-factor. For a detailed overview, take a look at the chart below.

>>Acrylic Prints Chart<<

Wood Prints

Wood Prints are a great way to showcase your photos in a unique and artistic way. High contrast photos look great when printed on wood. Graphic designs, black and white photos, architecture, and wildlife images are just a few examples of the many types of photos that look fantastic printed on this medium. Because we print directly onto the wood, the wood’s natural tones and grain will show and will lend a soft, vintage feel to your photo – we don’t generally recommend printing portraitures on wood, unless you’re happy with skin tones and white teeth taking on the look of natural wood. Refer to the chart below for more information.

>>Wood Prints Chart<<

Gallery Boxes

One of our most versatile photo art products, the Gallery Box is a great choice for virtually all types of photos and, for that matter, all types of décor styles too! The colours in your photo will remain true and the surface of a Gallery Box is smooth with a satin-matte finish. If you’re not sure which product to print your photo on, you really can’t go wrong with a Gallery Box.


>>Gallery Boxes Chart<<

Framed Photos

We offer four different types of framed photos: Gallery Frames, Barnwood Frames, Lacquer Frames, and Loft Frames. Although the exterior frame of each product lends a different feel to your décor, they will all protect your photo with a UV-inhibiting framer’s acrylic, providing a glossy but low-glare look. Before we frame your photo, it will be printed on a premium matte paper, which is suitable for all types of photos.  

>>Framed Photos Chart<<


From wildlife photos and landscapes to macro photos and portraits, all types of photos look great when turned into a Photoboard! Colours are crisp and extremely vivid. If you’re looking for a way to display your photos in a sleek, modern style, this could be the perfect photo art product for you.

>>Photoboards Chart<<

Frameless Mounts

Breathtaking beach sunsets, beautiful family portraits, black and white wedding photos – whatever type of photo you have, we can assure you it will look amazing when it’s turned into a Frameless Mount. With no frame to distract from the image, the details in your photo will take center stage when you hang it on your wall.

>>Frameless Mounts Chart<<

Acrylic Blocks

Part of our Desk Décor line of photo art products, Acrylic Blocks offer a unique and distinctive way to display your favourite photos in a smaller format than most of our other products. If you have an image that isn’t suitable for a larger print size, this can be a great option. We recommend using high contrast photos with this product – when paired with the perfectly clear, one-inch premium cast acrylic, your photo will shine in ways you never thought possible.

>>Acrylic Blocks Chart<<

Woodstand Prints

Woodstand Prints present a unique and creative way to turn your photos into art in a small format. High contrast images look best with this product and image imperfections are softened. Because of its small format, we recommend you don’t use photos where people are standing at a distance. Trying to print collages in this format is also not recommended. Virtually all other types of photos will look great as a Woodstand Print. Please refer to the chart below for more information.

>>Woodstand Prints Chart<<